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Winter has begun but we are not ready to fight in winter for own babies skin. First, we should care for our kid in winter and especially to their skin. because Babies have a very delicate skin, and you need to take special care of them because winters can prove to be harsh on them. For proper babies body care, special products that are best suited for the gentle body type of babies are available in the markets. So select the best product in winter for you babies.

A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men –“Martin Fraquhar Tupper

Apart from synthetic and readymade skin care products, you need to be careful in handling your precious one’s skin. If you use home remedies for baby’s skin in this winter then it will be very helpful for them. I have listed some skin care tips for babies skin which will help them for making the glowing and shining.

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Here are 12 Tips For Babies Skin

1- Bathe your kid every 2-3 days with lukewarm water to keep the baby dry and moist. Make sure that the bathing time is restricted to few minutes.

2- Immediately after bathing, make the use of baby moisturizing cream or baby lotion so that moisture is locked and the skin is well protected.

3- It is equally important to make use of the right garments for your child. You should make use of multiple layers of thin clothes to keep your baby warm.

4- Make use of petroleum jelly inside the nose of your child. As in the most cases, the nose gets extremely dry and makes very uncomfortable.

5- It is quite essential to give your kid who is six months or older lukewarm water to drink. This will help him/her to remain hydrated from inside and will keep the skin plump.

6- Avoid the use of scented products on the skin of a baby.

7- Make use of a humidifier in the baby’s room to lessen the dryness in the air around them. You also need to plug in a room heater if it’s a cold area.

8- Massage your babies skin two times a day with baby oil. Oil tends to penetrate deep into the skin better and keeps soft and supple.

Massage your babies skin

9- The detergents used for baby laundry must always be free from any type of fragrance or dyes. The clothes of the baby along with the blankets and the beddings must always be washed separately from the family’s laundry because babies skin is very prone to any types of infections.

10- It is very important to use correct diapers for the kid otherwise it can end up in skin problems like diaper rashes or eczema. Whenever the diaper is wet or soiled, change it immediately.

11- User tearless shampoos for the baby’s hairs.

12- Exposure to the rays of the sun at the early age can lead to the risk of skin cancer in the babies. This is so because infant’s skin is having a very less amount of the pigment that protects from the rays of the sun.


Do not use an excess of chemicals and be very cautious while selecting the products for your babies skin. Prefer milder varieties in all skin care items. It is very important to be cautious while selecting the products and accessories for the babies to protect them from any type of skin related issues.

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