Affiliate Disclosure

With the agreement to FTC guidelines, consider all the links, photos, post and other content or material of this website.All/any of the links present on this website are affiliate links of which Health Random gets a commission from the sale of the items, but the items price remains the same. is an active participant in the LLC Associates programs in Amazon Services. This affiliate program is designed in such a way that allows the sites to earn fees by providing the advertisements and linking of products to various platforms like and others. There are affiliate links to and affiliate sites present in the pages of the, allowing the owner to get some referral commission.

What is an Affiliate Link?                                                                                                                             

There are several links on which are affiliate links. There is a specific tracking code present for the link and on the sale of an item; I get the commission if you buy through any of those links.  The cost of an item remains the same, whether it is purchased through the affiliate link or not. However, using an affiliate link helps to get some commission to maintain the website.

In some cases, the affiliate link can also offer a discount for an item through a code. The commission of an item remains the same. However, an item is offered at less price. For example, if a buyer clicks on a link on the website for any item which has been linked to Amazon, there will be the small commission.

 The Use of Affiliate Links

The affiliate link for any product is posted only when I have personally used the product and would recommend it in normal life. No free products are accepted for the review and it gets disclosed if I am in affiliation with the company for my benefits.

There are many bloggers who accept free product for the review or write some sponsored posts. However, I don’t find it wrong and my policy is to buy products and then use them before linking or promoting them. Many times, I am offered some free products to review them, but I refuse them.

It is my top priority to only promote those resources which will make a positive impact on your life. I will only link those resources or products (affiliate or otherwise) that fulfills the purpose.

 Nature of Affiliate Relationships

It is should be noted that the product which is bought, reviewed and used, I link to, these are bought from the third-party company and I don’t manage these companies or have any financial interest except a relationship through affiliation (unless disclosed otherwise).

Therefore, I cannot ensure the shipping of an item on time or its proper packing, when purchased through this link on In case, there is any problem with an item purchased through this link, should be sent to the company from where it was purchased.

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