Prevention and Management of Back Pain

Back Pain

The back pain which is felt in the body usually originates from the bones, joints, muscles, nerves, etc. It may be in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar region. It may be spontaneous or chronic. Almost as many as nine out of ten persons experience that pain at least once in their life. That is why it is said that back pain is a very common complaint or problem throughout the world.


Prevention and Management

Regular Exercise.
Maintain appropriate body weight
Proper sitting posture
Proper standing posture
Avoid lifting heavyweight
Use lumbar support belt.
No smoking
Lying or sleeping in bed
Refrain from strenuous activities
Move and Lift the objects properly.

The aim of management of back pain is to achieve maximum reduction in the intensity of pain as early as possible so that the affected individual may restore his/her strength to perform daily routine tasks and activities. Generally, the back pain can be managed with the help of various types of therapies and corrective exercise. Surgery is required in rare cases.

  • Heat therapy. Heat therapy can reduce the symptoms of pain. Sometimes, hot bath (moist heat) provides best results.
  • heat therapy at back

  • Cold compression therapy. In some cases, back pain is relieved by cold compression therapy (ice or ice cold pack application).
  • Massage. Massage can be very effective in relieving pain but it must be performed by an experienced individual.
  • massage at back

  • Medications. Medications may be beneficial in reducing pain. Muscle relaxants may be effective but only for short terms.
  • medications

  • Physical exercises. Physical exercises can be very beneficial in relieving back pain but these exercises should be done under the supervision of expert persons. Some forms of persistent stretching exercise such as bending forward, backward and side may be very effective.
  • exercise for backpain

  • Surgery. Through its requirement is rare but can be very effective for individuals with major disc problems or scoliosis.
  • Surgery for back pain

•    Other therapies. Electrotherapy and Inversion therapy are also used to manage back problem


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