Amazing Benefits of Fiber Foods in Many Disease

Hello, Friends, do you know? We should take the vitamins and mineral for our better health. Because each mineral and vitamins work difference in our body. So We need the proper amount of many nutrients for proper functioning of our body and fiber foods are one of them.

It helps in many diseases like diabetes, weight loss, skin problem, cancer, and HIV. Dark green vegetables, whole grains, and meat are some good sources of fiber. Fiber foods can be added to our diet in a tasty way as a salad, delicious dishes, and snacks.

Daily fiber recommendation differs for every age group according to their gender. According to researchers, an adult should intake about 25-30 grams of fiber daily for proper growth of the body. Dietary fiber is of two types-

  • Soluble fiber.
  • Insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber forms a gel-like substance with water and insoluble fiber move material through the digestive system. Eating fiber-rich food has many benefits and it can prevent many major diseases. After reading those amazing benefits of fiber, you will never help fiber in your diet.

fiber foods

Bowel health

A fiber-rich diet helps you get rid of constipation. Insoluble dietary fiber moves material through the digestive system and makes your stool bulkier. Fiber absorbs water and helps you with watery stools. Thus a diet high in fiber prevents you from a disease like hemorrhoids and colon.


Soluble fiber limits and slow down sugar absorption that helps in improving blood sugar levels and decrease your chances of being diabetic. Type 2 diabetes can be fought with a diet high in soluble and insoluble fiber.

Heart health

A high fiber diet can keep your heart happy and healthy. According to some research, fiber can soak up an excess of bad cholesterol and prevent your arteries from blocking. Intake of 7 grams of fiber per day reduces the risk of heart stroke by 9%.

Weigh loss

The biggest problem among most of the people today is unintentional weight gain. Fiber limits your calories intake by binding to fat and sugar molecule. A diet rich in fiber, keep you full and satisfied for a long time and reduce your craving for high-calorie food. From reducing weight to keeping it maintained, fiber is the best choice. Specially soluble fiber is highly beneficial in maintaining a healthy weight.


Yeast and fungus present in your body can pop up as acne and rashes if not removed from the body. Fiber transports that harmful bugs out of your body and prevents them from excreting out as acne.


Fiber eliminates harmful chemical and detoxifies your body. Soluble fiber sop up harmful compounds like unhealthy fats and estrogen. Insoluble fiber moves it out before it affects your body. Harmful chemicals like mercury, BPA and pesticides can’t stay in your body for long if you eat a diet loaded with fiber.

Bone health

Some sources of fiber such as soybean, wheat, oats, and asparagus increase the bioavailability of some other essential nutrients like calcium and keep your bones healthier and stronger.


Fiber-rich foods are found to reduce the risk of some type of cancers. Cholesterol cancer and breast cancer risk can be reduced to 10% and 5% respectively if you intake 10 grams of fiber every day. Vegetables and fruits that are sources of fiber contain antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer even more.


Lipodystrophy- excess fat deposition is a side effect of HIV. Eating plenty of fiber can prevent you from gaining excess calories and weight gain, thus it can help you fight HIV too.

Fibrous diet helps you to have a healthy gut bacteria. A healthy diet filled with recommended fiber amount can keep you away from most of the problems and gift you a happy and long life. I have listed all disease which benefitted from fiber foods. Thanks for Reading. Please share it.


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