Hair Loss- Why Does It Occur and What Can You Do About It?

Everyone cares for own beauty like nails, colored hair, eyes, and body. We care about our body to look good. Generally, It should be careful that how to take care of nails, faces, eyes, body, and hair. but Do you know?

Your hairs speak a lot more about you than you actually realize- the color, texture, the bounciness, the level of damage, etc reflects upon your daily routine and long-standing lifestyle. And what happens when enough care isn’t assigned to your hair? It withers away.

For years now men and women all over the world have been weeping about the loss of their hair and the extreme amount of damage it’s being subjected to beyond their control.

Starting from the temperature of the water you use, the brand of your shampoo, the quantity of your conditioner, the number of times it’s been ironed straight, curled or brushed, anything and everything can lead to hair loss among people of all ages.

What is Acceptable hair Loss and What is not?

According to beauty experts, a loss of anywhere between fifty to hundred strands of hair is considered normal in Women on a daily basis. Some women can experience hair loss of even up to 150 strands and this can be considered normal for it varies from person to person.

Hair growth is said to occur in two phases- an active growing phase that about 90 percent of the hair go through at any time and an inactive resting phase at which the rest of the hair remains and usually this is the hair that falls off the scalp- in order to make way for new hair to grow.

And this is what can be considered as normal hair fall in women. The same applies to men, who hormonally as well experience baldness as they age- which is entirely physiological.

So now we can assume that any amount of hair fall that exceeds the normal values are of major concern and must be dealt with as a serious issue. Excess hair fall can be treated if the cause is manageable as it is, in the majority of the cases.

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Here is What You Should Look Our For Hair Loss

  • Every-time you take a shower, make sure to check out the shower drain and try to estimate the amount of hair that’s fallen off. Keep doing this every day so that you know if there is any change in the amount of hair you’re losing. This can tell you if your hair products are working out well or worsening your situation.
  • Try and assess the type of hair that you have- whether it is oily or dry or a combination of the two. Be aware of any hair damage you might be having in the form of exposure to an abnormal amount of pollutants and other chemicals.
  • Watch out for dandruff- dry scalp which is evident from the white flakes that are formed on your scalp- which is unusually itchy as well.
  • Look out for bald spots on the head- patches of baldness amidst normal hair. This is a condition known as alopecia and is quite distinctive from normal Male pattern baldness which may occur in males and females due to increased testosterone levels.
  • Look out for a receding hairline.


What Causes Hair Fall?

The following are the medical causes of hair fall that have been deduced following years of study-

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Genetics Problems

Like height and weight and other inherited traits, hair loss can be attributed to a strong family history of the same. There are both Male and female versions- different patterns typical to each.

Since it’s genetic we can pretty much say it’s inevitable but can be certainly controlled to a certain extent and for a long period of time by practicing proper hair care regimens rather meticulously.

Age Issue

As we get older, the hair growth decreases significantly along with greying. With age, the hair starts to become thinner and more fragile- and brittle hair endures constant breakage.

Imbalanced Diet/Lack of Nutrition

A junk food diet lacking in specific vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Selenium as well as lack of protein causes severe hair loss because everything right from the growth and structure to the strength of the hair is lost. Your hair is made up of proteins- so imagine what happens when you don’t eat those pulses- you’re losing out on the growth of new hair strands.


  • Ring Worm- which is a fungus that can usually affect the skin on any part of the body. if present on the scalp can lead to irregular hair loss in the form of patches- this condition is medically known as tinea capitis. These patches are round and itchy with a reddish hue. Due to infection the hair follicles in the affected region gets damaged and loss of hair leads to these patches being bald.
  • Staphylococcus infection- Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium that’s well known due to its deadly MRSA strand. A staphylococcus infection leads to red acne-like formations-where the hair follicles get inflamed- called folliculitis- which is characterized by rings that are formed around the opening of the wound.
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa- this causes a condition known as hot tub folliculitis which happens due to unclean water- not enough chlorine in the pools and tubs and overcrowding.
  • Trichomycosisnodularis- is a fungal infection that leads to the formation of hard structures called nodules on the scalp- in an infection known as Piedra. These nodules are formed when the different parts of the parasitic fungus become hardened and solidify.
  • Pityrosporanovale- is a fungus that doesn’t cause this condition but is shown to accelerate the symptoms and make it much worse- seborrhoeic dermatitis. Symptoms of this include itching, pain, etc.

Hormonal Conditions

Conditions that affect the thyroid gland- including hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism lead to improper metabolism which leads to improper absorption of proteins and thus leads to hair loss. Conditions that lead to increased testosterone levels also lead to hair fall. Other hormones that affect the hair are estrogen, steroids, etc.

Hormonal deseases

Drug Reactions

Treatment for cancer- any type of cancer and severe autoimmune disease- is chemotherapy and one of the most obvious symptoms of this is hair fall. Chronic chemotherapy leads to baldness that’s not permanent.

General Causes include

  • Chemicals and Hair Products– the chemicals that are used in shampoos, conditioners, hair lotions, serums, etc are generally harmful and contain substances like Paraben which affect the texture and strength of the hair. Ammonia used in hair colors cause severe damage to the hair as well.
  • Hair Straightening- the heat used in the procedure causes irreplaceable damage to the roots of the hair.
  • Hair Curling and Smoothening have the same effects.
  • Pollution and Sun Damage weaken the roots and ruin the integrity of the hair.


 Treatment Available For Hair Loss

The treatment for hair fall depends on the cause of the problem- whichever is reversible.

  • Infections are treated using antibiotics.
  • Nutrients can be supplemented using vitamin and mineral supplements in the form of tablets. Improving the general diet and adding more iron and protein-rich food helps in decreasing the hair fall and increasing the growth of more.
  • Hormonal imbalances can be corrected using medication or surgery.
  • Drug reactions are usually reversible upon discontinuation of treatment using the drug.
  • Pollutants and other general causes of hair damage such as hair styling and coloring upon his continuation of the products and exposure should provide with excellent results.

A new treatment that is available for baldness and Saviour hair-loss is Hair transplantation which is performed by expert cosmetic surgeons following a detailed assessment and check up done by a dermatologist. Different methods of hair transplantation are currently in the market-including follicular hair transplant, body hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, etc.

This procedure is carried out by obtaining hair follicles from either donor or from different parts of your own body and then planting them on the scalp to make them grow.

This method is gaining popularity in recent times and is an option that is available worldwide and has been proven successful especially for patients who have a family history of Hair loss.

Yet another innovative treatment for hair loss that’s very popular now is using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This works by enriching a certain amount of plasma (the liquid part of your blood) with more than thrice the amount of platelets that are normally available in the blood.

Platelets are the components of the blood that help in clotting the blood and stop excess bleeding. Now the PRP used in enhanced with other growth factors like Platelet Derived Growth Factor- PDGF, Transforming Growth Factor- TGF and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor- VEGF that act by accelerating the process of healing and aid in the growth of more hair. It is a safe treatment option for Male and female pattern hair loss. The results are long-lasting and not delayed.

Home remedies for Hair Fall

You will be surprised of simple lifestyle modifications and simple procedures for looking after your hair can make a huge difference.

Hair fall home remedies

  1. Make sure that your shampoos and conditioners have the least amount of toxic chemicals that will cause damage to your hair.
  2. Wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo in order to avoid infections that are caused by an accumulation of sweat amidst the hair follicles.
  3. Avoid using hair coloring products as much as possible and if necessary use only the ones without any ammonia in them. Do not use permanent hair colors.
  4. Use onion juice on your scalp for increased hair growth. Hot oil treatments and professional hair spa recommended by medical professionals have shown to cause improvements.
  5. Always research on the type of hair treatments and hair products that you are using in order to avoid damage.
  6. Do not always leave your hair open but when you do tie it do not huddle it into a tight ponytail for this causes physical exertion and subsequent damage in the form of brittle hair.
  7. Use a scarf or bandanna when you are out in the sun for long to avoid the harmful effects of the rays on your head.

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