15 Ways to Take Care of Your Healthy Nails.

You will be surprised to know how much your unpainted nails can tell about your general health to your physician. Yes, that’s right. A quick glance at very basic features such as the shape, size, color, etc of your nail can tell them exactly how healthy or unhealthy you are.

Nails are an often neglected part of your daily care routine because of how redundant people consider them to be. This article deals with exactly why this attitude must be changing in order to guarantee your perfect health as well as avoid major problems including Cancer that can occur if you don’t take good care of your nails. Don’t believe me?

Read on and find out why it’s probably time to ditch your pretty purple nail paints and bid adieu to your best friends at the nail parlor!

Importance of Nails

Here are a few very interesting details that can be extracted by the expert eyes upon looking at your nail.

From mild conditions to even cancer can be detected by looking at the nails. Discoloration of the nails, for example- a bluish tinge indicates lack of enough oxygen in the body whereas a yellowish tinge can tell whether you’re a smoker or if you have an underlying fungal infection or respiratory disease.

importance of nails

Thyroid disease can be identified by the cracked state of nails whereas serious heart and lung diseases can be identified from the shape of the nails. Looking at your nails, your doctor can also tell if you have any notable nutritional deficiencies that you should be paying attention to.

You don’t need to worry about them though. As long as you follow some basic care regimens and stay healthy overall, most things are preventable. This indicates that nails are a window to the outside world about your general health and hence deserve proper care and attention.

15 Ways to Get Long, Strong, & Healthy Nails

Here are a few pointers towards healthy and naturally pretty nails that shall help you keep them fresh and presentable-

1-> Know your nails- Watch out for any color changes, ridges, dryness, spots, etc. Be aware of what needs medical attention and what doesn’t. Bleeding, swelling, nails separated from the underlying skin, shape changes, etc all must be taken seriously.

2-> Good Nail Hygiene.

  • Trim your nails using clean trimming scissors.
  • Do not bite your nails- you will be feeding on very nonnutritious germs if you do.
  • Make sure that the nail clippers that you use are sterilized or at least washed well regularly.
  • Wash your nails while you wash your hands.

hygiene your nails
3-> Keep nails short at all times- There is nothing more attractive than being clean and healthy.

4-> Keep them dry- so as to avoid cultural development of bacteria beneath them that you’re most likely to be consuming with your next meal.

5-> Moisturise- your nails as well when you use lotion for your hands.

6-> Supplements of Vitamin B (specifically B6- Biotin)- have been proved to strengthen nails but consult with a physician first.

7-> Avoid painting your nails- You’re not only tampering the integrity of the nails but also covering any useful medical information that can be gained from the same. Same goes for tattoos, glitter, etc on your nails.

8-> However, if you must paint your nails- Do it yourself, Nail parlors have a lot of toxic chemicals in their atmosphere that shall do your body more harm that you can imagine.
paint your nail yourself
9-> Use Gloves- while you’re working with any chemical based products including cleaning liquid and detergents.

10-> Do not chip out the nail polish- after you have applied them. This causes the top layer of your nails surface to break off as well.

11-> Do not pick on your cuticles- They make them dry and weak. Also prone to catching infections. Use some lotions or ointments instead of sharp devices on them.

12-> Completely avoid nail gels- They destroy your nail beds and leave them severely dehydrated.

13-> Change your diet- Include plenty of green leaves so as to supplement magnesium, calcium, selenium, and biotin. Drink plenty of water.

14-> Stop using your nails as peelers and scrapers- All you’re actually doing is breaking your nails while you do so.

15-> Use sunscreen on nails- as well as they’re as exposed to the sun as the rest of your body is.

Here is why Nails Polishes aren’t a good Idea

Recent studies have shown that nail polishes contain a substance known as triphenyl phosphate that has been shown to affect the hormonal system in the body. This can affect in turn, your ability to reproduce as well as proper growth and development in young humans. Women already have traces of T-PHP in their system and this increases the exposure to dangerous levels.

And for those of you thinking that since it’s a surface based product- hence your exposure is minimal- here’s news- your body is very capable of absorbing these chemicals even if you use them very infrequently.

Studies have shown that these chemicals in your favorite nail polish brands cause the most harm.

The Toxic Trio

Formaldehyde: A human carcinogen- the cancer-causing substance that on prolonged exposure can cause blood cancer, throat cancer as well as cancer in the nasal region. Asthma, nausea, etc are added symptoms.

Toluene affects the development of the fetus in pregnant women as well as contributes to the chances of blood cancer.

DBP is used to increase the wearing time of your nail paints and make them extra long-lasting. It causes damage to your liver, imbalances in the hormone levels as well as infertility. The other ingredients to steer clear out while picking out your nail polish are the less known but equally harmful-

  • Formaldehyde Resin
  • Camphor
  • Parabens

We hope now you’re familiar with the basic principles of proper nail care and will pay attention to every detail of your clean and well-trimmed nails that you shall be maintaining meticulously from now on! Remember- prevention is always better than cure and this applies to even the tiniest parts of your body!

Here, See the Infographics: 

Healthy Nails info-graphics

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