Effects, Causes of Excess High Cholesterol On Body

Thanks for visit on I am going to tell about High Cholesterol. most of the people are suffering from cholesterol. let’s read more about causes, effects, symptoms, remedies, and medication.

What is Cholesterol?

Outer membrane cell’s substance in each vertebrate needs cholesterol. It essentially helps in overall blood circulation to the various body tissues and blood plasma carried as alcohol as well as fatty lipids (steroids). Appropriate maintenance of body sterol levels is essential for unhindered blood flow as well as plasma. The necessary levels of sterol should be always maintained and should not let them exceed.

At the present time fast foods, as well as highway eateries, are taking over the natural food market. Therefore everybody shall have awareness about eating of additional or unnecessary cholesterol that can have an effect on the health of the current generation unfavorably.

Initially proper, knowledge of the working of cholesterol in addition to its effects on the human body metabolic process is extremely necessary earlier than knowing how to get rid of it. Surplus cholesterol is low-density lipoproteins. Lipoproteins are our body’s carrier molecules. LDL can dump cholesterol on the artery walls escalating its thickness and thus creating a problem in normal passage of blood. This simply causes atherosclerosis. Alternatively, high-density lipoproteins are the fine cholesterol.

The different functions of fine cholesterol include manufacturing of anti-oxidants, bile, digestion of fats that are necessary for the function of essential vitamins akin to vitamin A, D, E with K which are fat soluble. These vitamins aid in different metabolic processes of body’s reproductive organs starting from teenage years onwards right up until old age which depends on estrogen levels in human body.

Causes of high cholesterol

high cholesterol

Knowing the remedies is important, but it is also important to understand what the causes of high cholesterol are. In this section, I show you the most frequent. Logically, this information is not intended to replace the opinion of a doctor, so we urge you to go to your doctor if you have questions:

  • Excessive junk food and other foods rich in saturated fats. These foods raise the level of LDL sterol the blood. They are processed (pizza, chips, precooked), industrial sweets, and red meat (veal, lamb, and pork).
  • It has been demonstrated in countless studies that the problems of blood pressure and cholesterol improve drastically if moderate exercise is performed at least three times a week.
  • The existence of a history of cardiovascular diseases in the family should be a factor to be taken into account if you suspect that you may have high sterol. If this is your case, remember to go to a specialist and get a blood test.

Symptoms of high cholesterol

Symptoms Of high cholesterol

The symptoms of high cholesterol also have to be taken into account, because if you detect them in time, you can take measures in a much more effective way. Of course, keep in mind that high cholesterol is often very silent, with almost no symptoms, so go every few months to review with your doctor is important.

  • Bad breath.
  • New food intolerances
  • Difficulty indigestion.
  • Generalized tiredness, fatigue.
  • Chest pain.
  • Sleep problems
  • Swelling of the hands and feet.

Home remedies to reduce cholesterol

Here you get a list of some Home remedies to reduce this disease

Home remedy with Guggul


The Guggul is a medicinal plant native to India, there has been used traditionally for centuries to lower blood cholesterol levels and triglycerides, helping to significantly improve the relationship between bad and good cholesterol. Similarly, some researchers say that guggul has the ability to reduce the production of triglycerides in the liver.

 Home remedy with oats

oatsThe Oat is a cereal with great properties for the body as it helps patients suffering from cholesterol and triglyceride to keep them controlled. Its great effect is due to the large amount of soluble fiber it contains, according to the claims of experts in food, this food contains beta-glucans or polysaccharides which have valuable natural anti-cancérigenas properties, for this reason, is considered one of the foods most important that can be recommended as a natural and effective remedy to treat a large number of diseases.

Spinach, carrot and ginger smoothie

Spinach, carrot and gingerBesides being a remedy for effective cholesterol, it is a very good proposal for a healthy breakfast. This shake is full of the necessary nutrients to start the day, and it will also help you lower your high cholesterol.

To prepare it, you will need some ginger, a couple of carrots and a large handful of spinach. Wash all the ingredients carefully, and part the very tiny ginger or mash it. Next, peel the carrots and cut them in not very thick slices.

Replace your animal protein with legumes or quinoa

legumes or quinoaThe advantage of using legumes instead of meats is that their protein intake is large without increasing the amount of cholesterol in the blood. You do not have to eliminate meat from your diet, but reducing red meats, sausages and the like in exchange for legumes can be very beneficial.

Medications Used For the Treatment of High Cholesterol

All patients with high cholesterol and/or triglyceride must undergo diet, practice regular physical exercises and, if you are overweight, lose weight.


are statins, also called inhibitors of the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase ( the liver enzyme responsible for the production of cholesterol). Statins also act in the reduction of triglycerides.

The most prescribed statins are:

  • Simvastatin.
  • Atorvastatin.
  • Fluvastatin.
  • Pravastatin.
  • Rosuvastatin.
  • Lovastatin.

Rosuvastatin and atorvastatin are the strongest and get cholesterol reductions at lower doses. However, they are very expensive and many times the patient can control their cholesterol with cheaper statins, and it is not necessary to use more potent drugs.

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