Why is Kangaroo Mother Care better than using Incubators?

Recently, We have pay homage to these great little fighters on the international day of world premature day- 2017. Premature births are the very critical situation in this world. WHO says that one in ten babies is born prematurely every day. we are fighting for this condition. and we are trying to save our children in several ways. Kangaroo mother care is one of the best ways for women who give life and make them healthy.

The Kangaroo Mother Care is a life-saving technique that surfaced around the late 1970’s as a method to nurse a baby born pre-term and are under the expected birth weight back to health by preventing hypothermia- low body temperatures.

It is also known as skin to skin care and is generally practiced by the mother of the newborn- not compulsorily. This is now a recommended healthcare practice for the babies who are admitted to neonatal care units who shall need to be started early on breast milk as well.

It has been named after the methods used by the kangaroos who carry their infants in the pouch for extra care and warmth. The benefits of kangaroo mother care are in plenty- let us explore.

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Kangaroo Mother Care Makes Healthy to Premature Babies-

  • Skin to skin care has been an evolutionary practice in primates for many years with proven results of survival and proper development of the infants.
  • In case of an extremely low birth weight of the infants, the kangaroo care method has better-proven results than the incubators.
  • The Kangaroo care method is universally applicable- benefitting everyone including those who cannot afford to achieve proper institutional care for their newborn or are in remote locations where incubators are not really accessible.
  • Studies have shown that by practicing kangaroo mother care; the infants have fewer chances of acquiring hospital-borne infections.
  • The babies following warmth also tend to pick up their rates and amount of breastfeeding and hence gain weight quickly when compared to the neonates kept in the incubators.
  • Since the newborn babies are held close to the chests of their mother or father, the heart rates of the baby, as well as the rate of breathing, is regulated- making this method suitable for term babies as well.
  • The kangaroo care method improves bonding between the parent and child and this newly established closeness can help mothers deal with post-pregnancy issues such as postpartum depression.
  • The mother is preferred for this method as this allows ready breastfeeding at frequent intervals as and when required by the baby.
  • Studies have shown that close contact with the parent’s body and being in sync with their voice helps in the cognitive development of the baby.
  • cognitive developement of baby

  • In the case of maternal mortality during childbirth, this increases the necessary bonding between the neonate and the father.

Note:- Please read the articles of WHO. Kangaroo care: A practical guide

Please be active on babies care. Children are the most expensive gifts for the parents. Never compromise on the health of kids. Thanks for reading my articles. Please Share this articles and help premature women.

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