What is the Prevention and Management of Diabetes?

Lots of Diseases that are caused due to poor lifestyle habits are referred to as lifestyle diseases. Nowadays, Such diseases are usually accelerated by unhealthy ways of living life. Most of them result due to a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activities. Some Lifestyle diseases like obesity, asthma, hypertension, hair loss, heart diseases, back pain, diabetes and so on.

What is Diabetes?

It is a really very dangerous disease and it is common lifestyle disease. If it is not controlled, it can lead to renal failure, loss of vision, amputation of limbs, and cardiovascular diseases. Diabetes is such a disease that causes sugar to build up in our blood. When our body does not produce sufficient amount of insulin or when insulin does not work properly, this disease occurs.


There are two types of diabetes- Type I and Type II.

Type 1

Currently, type 1 disease cannot be prevented. However, researchers are looking into the autoimmune process and environmental factors that lead people to develop type 1 diabetes to help prevent type 1 diabetes in the future.

Type 2

Evidence, including large-scale randomised control trials, shows type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed in up to 58 per cent of cases by maintaining a healthy weight, being physically active and following a healthy eating plan

The feeling of tiredness, need to urinate more, the numbness in hands and feet, blurred vision, excessive weight gains or weight loss, not the healing of wounds, etc., are common symptoms. People with obesity usually fall prey to diabetes.

Prevention and Management of Diabetes Type 2

    • Regular exercises- Exercise plays a very significant role not only in preventing the Type II but also managing it. Walking is also a simple and effective exercise that many people can enjoy.
    • Maintain a healthy weight- For maintaining a healthy weight, you should always try to achieve the balance between your intake of calories and expenditure of calories.

healthy body

    • Reduce the intake of saturated fats- Reduce the intake of saturated fat if you want to prevent diabetes Type II. Indeed, the intake of saturated fat in more amount definitely leads to overweight or obesity which ultimately enhances the chances of the occurrence of diabetes.
    • Avoid rich carbohydrate foods- Most of the disease attack on you due to junks foods and fast foods.
    • Eat healthy foods- You should take proper nutrition into a daily routine like fiber foods, protein-rich foods etc.
    • Eat small portions of meals- You should be accurate timing for your dinners. In the morning, you should take some heavy calories breakfast. at Afternoon, some less than morning breakfast. At Night, Less than morning and afternoon.
    • Take a balanced diet- It is very important for your good health.
    • Maintain a healthy weight- if you will do the daily exercises, and will avoid junks food. then you can maintain your weight.
    • Have the adequate amount of sleep- If you take rest as a sleep 6-8 hours in a day, then it is good.

Adequate amount of sleep

  • Manage stress- do the medication, and yoga for managing stress.
  • Take medicines- You should take proper medicine who given by the physician.

See Your Health Consultants

if you have diabetes of doubt over health then you should necessary to meet the doctor at least twice in a month and ask some doubt about your health condition. see this-

my blood test

Check your health in Every Month

  • Ask about blood sugar levels
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Check the skin
  • Feeling in your feet, sores, and blood circulation
  • Dilate your eyes

Check One time In a Year

Send your blood in the laboratory for test

  • kidneys are working well
  • cholesterol and triglyceride levels are healthy
  • Check your A1C level

Take care of your health, because we are already taking bad air pollution, eating junk foods and fast food which is dangerous for health. if we avoid the bad habits from our lifestyle then we can beat to almost all disease.

Thanks for Reading, Please keep healthy yourself…

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