Sexually Transmitted diseases is always high at risk.

While tonnes of fun there are some drawbacks to sex that we just cannot turn a blind eye on, the main ones causing most troubles along these being an unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

Sexually transmitted diseases can range from diseases that can be manageable and even cured like Chlamydia to those as severe as HIV-AIDS, a diagnosis of which is fatal with decreased lifespan and many complications.

What Causes STD?

Microorganisms of different classifications can cause STDs. For example-

  • Syphilis,
  • Chlamydia, and
  • Gonorrhoea is caused by bacteria.
  • HIV,
  • Herpes Simplex,
  • HPV and Hepatitis B are a few viruses causing STDs.
  • Trichomoniasis is caused by a parasite.


Is STD Dangerous?

Yes, they are. Why? Because most of the people suffering from an STD do not realize that they have one.

Sexually transmitted disease1

STDs can cause severe complications including Infertility, the infection could spread to vital organs such as your heart, you could even lose your vision. Having an STD leads to a person having more infections in the future as STDs decrease immunity of your body.

It gets worse if you got pregnant while having an STD this can now spread to the newborn who then suffers the complications.

Besides, most STDs can be fatal owing to their complications, a major one being Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

While the majority of the venereal diseases are transmitted through purely sexual contact, sometimes the act of sharing personal objects such as towels or toothbrushes can also lead to infection- as in case of Hepatitis B.

How Do We Get STDs?

A simple answer to this would be the fact that a person has been indulging in unprotected sex. This does not necessarily mean that the woman is not on contraceptives, however, the only method effective to prevent STDs is the barrier method- condoms, lacking which skin contact among the gentiles and fluid exchange lead to transmission of these infections.

Another factor contributing to someone getting an STD is their poor sexual hygiene. The genitals- both male and female- are moist and humid- thus a perfect breeding ground for infections and surprisingly many are still unaware of the problems like UTIs and STDs that can happen due to unclean habits.

multiple partners

Sexually transmitted diseases or infections are more commonly seen among those people who indulge in sexual activities with multiple partners rather than one long-term sexual partner.

For the sexual transmission of diseases- a person need not perform conventional sexual intercourse- this can happen even during oral sex and other practices.

Higher risk of acquiring an infection is seen among those who have been sexually active since a younger age and those involved in sex trading professions.

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